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Blank Journal - Unlined 136 pages

Blank Journal - Unlined 136 pages

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Handmade Accordion Paper Lock Journal.

Journal size is: 6-3/4" x 5-3/4" (17.145cm x 14.605cm)

Page size is: 6" x 5" (15.24cm x 12.7cm)

Four Signatures, 34 pages each.

"Rainbow HotDog"

Blank Journal features a brown kraft paper front and back cover. Front cover features stenciled rainbows in colored grit paste (page has a lot of texture if that's your thing); all papers are recycled or reused, pages may have imperfections. This journal is unlined and hand bound using a static accordion method. This allows me to "lock" each signature in with a piece of paper. Technically, these pages can come out, but they are a bit tricky to reinstall.

Pages are recycled and reused scrap book paper, and rice and mullberry papers. Some are thick and some are thin, some are very thin and can easily be seen through; none of them are lined.

Journal also comes with a paper pocket band that can be used or removed. It can catch little bits of paper, or indicate where you are in your journal. It can also be flattened and used as a bookmark. This paper band features a carstock dachshund wearing a rainbow sweater made of threads and fabric.

Inside of front cover features a library card, stamped with the date the book was completed. This card can be removed and/or used as a bookmark.

This is a great journal for someone wanting to try junk journaling, but would prefer to have a premade cover and signature set. Everything is paper, there are no threads. The spine has no glue. It would be a great blank book to start with. This is a  unique journal, there are no others like it.

As always, products are handmade and imperfect.



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